Have you ever thought about learning by watching a Web Series?
Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur?

With “5TO SUCCEED” now you can.

The “5TO SUCCEED” interactive, educational Web Series combines entertainment and education in order to develop and consolidate economic – financial and entrepreneurial skills, together with the negotiation, relational, decision-making and creative qualities that an aspiring entrepreneur must mobilize in business creation and management processes.

The Web Series, exploiting the potential of new digital technologies, allows users to interact with the film during the viewing of the 4 episodes, involving them and directing them to consult the various in-depth materials envisaged in several points of the story, to extend and consolidate knowledge, skills and behaviours that are typical of entrepreneurial skills, in an integrated way.

The Web Series can be consulted in multi-device mode (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones), breaking down technological, space, time and place barriers, to make the user the protagonist of his/her own learning process, deciding when and how to access the training contents. The “5TOSucceed” interactive, educational Web Series can be viewed as:

  • a film and, therefore, for entertainment
  • a learning tool, which allows users to access a plurality of resources, which cover all the constituent elements of entrepreneurial skills, namely:
    – knowledge, with the on and off line use of the different types of educational materials/products sought
    – skills, with the use of tools/products sought.
    – behaviour, through the entrepreneurial activity enacted by the actors/actresses in the film

Four ironic, entertaining and educational episodes that tell the story of a group of young people struggling with the launch of a new enterprise.
Watch the episodes, interact with them, consult the hundreds of educational materials and free tools collected online for you and discover the many training pills/video pills made available by CONFORM, accessible after issue of credentials to access the www.conform-educare.it  platform.

  • Become an entrepreneur,
  • launch a start up,
  • undertake market and competitor analysis,
  • prepare the pestel or swot analysis,
  • develop an economic-financial plan,
  • produce a business model canvas or a business plan,
  • draw up a budget,
  • have your project funded with crowdfunding,
  • access a mortgage or an operational lease,
  • promote your activities, and much more …

are just some of the topics covered in “5TO Succeed“, which you can discover and further investigate by simply watching the four interactive episodes of the web series, viewing the various educational contents, whenever you want or feel the need, in various languages.

What are you waiting for?

With “5TO Succeed” you can be the creator of your future!

To access the 4 episodes of the Web Interactive Training Series “5TO Succeed” and the related training pills (learning objects), interactive training video pills and narrative crossroads, operational tools and educational videogames owned by CONFORM S.c.a.r.l., as well as other online research materials in Italian and English (eg: videos, pdfs, websites, etc.), download the contractual clauses, fill in the document providing all the required information and send it in the manner indicated.


Luca, Filippo, Maggie, Iole and Silvia are 5 young friends: graduates, unemployed and all working in temporary, makeshift and unusual jobs in order to make ends meet.

Purely by chance, Luca reads an announcement about “Fondazione per l’Impresa (Foundation for Enterprise) awarding a prize of € 50,000 to the best entrepreneurial idea, also guaranteeing a shadowing course to set up a business.

In the blink of an eye, his doctoral thesis on intelligent bacteria capable of decontaminating aquatic flora and fauna takes on a sense for his future. It is the business idea to present to the Foundation, the opportunity to finally give a U turn to his life. The only constraint to participating in the competition is creating a team of at least 4 unemployed people very quickly.

Helped by his biologist friend Filippo, his faithful Wednesday night football match companion – barista to earn a living and amateur actor for passion – Luca quickly involves:

  • Maggie, German but of Italian descent, also a biologist, friend and university colleague;
  • Silvia, an accomplished graduate in economics who, waiting for a steady job, focuses on her “natural” talent for being a model;
  • Iole, the youngest of the group, a graduate in Communication Studies, dynamic and creative, with an inordinate passion for social media and photography.

With one thing and another and some small complications with Elena, Luca’s partner and the only one of the young people to already have a steady job, and the difficulties of putting Luca’s idea into black and white in the competition application form, the group of friends sets to work and presents the entrepreneurial project at the last minute.
The news of winning the competition and getting the prize catapults the five young people into the rooms of “Foundation for Enterprise”, where Mr Cioffi, the coach will support them in the strategic and executive business planning process (Business Model Canvas, Business Plan), which leads the group of friends to set up “Bio-Water” and to register the patent on smart bacteria.

Celebrations for the milestone they have reached soon give way to the first difficulties on how to equip Bio-Water with offices and a suitable operating plant.
In Luca’s apartment, the young people, joined by Elena and Laetitia, a French friend whom the couple met during an Erasmus placement, begin to discuss what to do to equip Bio-Water with a location and an operating plant as soon as possible.

In a climate of scepticism as regards the inadequacy of the various financing solutions proposed by the youngsters (Crowdfunding, Business Angels, Strategic Alliances), Silvia suggests asking for a bank loan … A mortgage? Fortunately, this is not an insurmountable problem: Luca is willing to guarantee financing with his house.

The solution chosen takes the young people to the BancAmica branch where they are greeted by a familiar face for Luca and Filippo … The branch manager, Dr. Flavio Paglia, is the relentless referee who gave them both a red card in the last match: Filippo for a foul he didn’t commit and Luca for excessive protests.
Feigning to not remember the still vivid memory of the recent diatribe, Dr. Paglia illustrates the characteristics of “Amico Mutuo” to the young people of Bio-Water and, between jokes and football “threats”, he gives them the documents to sign to start the application process.

A few months later, thanks to the mortgage and the tenacity of its member-friends, Bio-Water has now been set up and each team member has found his/her place in the company.
Filippo and Maggie are responsible for testing and production in the laboratory, the real heart of Bio-Water.
Silvia is the “person responsible for accounting, control and finance”, but … for 4 votes to 1, she is also temporarily the Bio-Water secretary. She is tied up with the continuing buzzing of the intercom, the telephone ringing and “disinterested” visits from suppliers.
Iole manages Bio-Water communications and, finally, Luca, when not in the laboratory with Filippo and Maggie, represents the company in external relations.
After having interviewed Laetitia, a French friend who works as a correspondent for an important scientific journal, thanks to her, Luca learns about an important company interested in collaborating with Bio-Water in a pilot project to decontaminate the Ripa River.
The five members discuss it when Luca returns from the meeting.
If the opportunity for Bio-Water is enormous, the company’s equipment is not up to the challenge … but Silvia proves once again to be providential in suggesting the solution that will lead the young entrepreneurs back to the office of an unusual Dr. Flavio Paglia to learn about the characteristics of BancAmica’s instrumental leasing and sign the relative contract.
Bio-Water can equip itself with a system of photo-bioreactors …
The typical difficulties of a start-up process are all there, but by now Bio-Water is a river in full flow. Passion, love, friendship, coincidences and randomness are the main elements of this story of five young people who believe in themselves, in their ideas, in values of ethics, corporate responsibility and sustainability. A story about talent, yes, but above all about teamwork … a fundamental element to achieve true success.


Lucio Bastolla, attore e regista, nasce a Salerno dove inizia a studiare musica all’età di otto anni.
Si è laureato con una Tesi su l’analisi semiotica della canzone comica. Esperto in processi di Formazione in ambito scenico e pedagogia teatrale si specializza in tecnica dell’improvvisazione e mimica corporea. Debutta in teatro come attore nel 1985 ne “Il ventaglio” di Carlo Goldoni nel ruolo di Crispino.
Come regista ha diretto:
in Teatro: “Tu canti!? Io parlo!?” (2017), “Ogni anno punto e a capo” (2017), “Avanspettacolo” (2016), “Apologia di Socrate” (2015), “Serafino Gubbio, operatore” (2014), “Stasera niente di Nuovo” (2013), “Ai bagni regina Margherita” (2010 – 2006), “Il coraggio di un pompiere napoletano” (2009), “Francesca da Rimini” (2008), “Operetta” (2008), “Balla e Canta Napoli” (2008), “Piume, lustrini e satira” (2008), “Giordano Bruno – eroici furori” (2007), “Le Tartuffe” (2006), “Qohélet” (2007), “I nipoti del Sindaco” (2005), “Il mercante di Venezia” (2005), “L’uomo dal fiore in bocca – Cecè – La morsa” (2004), “Forse una farsa” (2004), “Petrolini Ettore, attore” (2003), “Ma ve pare ve pà…” (2003 – 2002 – 2001- 2000), “Signori si prova!” (2002), “Memorie dal sottosuolo” (2001), “È successo tutto in un’ora!” (2000 – 2001), “Sciò” (2000), “Caffè Chantant” (1998), “San Carlino 1885” (1998), “Napolinote” (1996);

per il cinema:
“45… Good Wine” – (2017), “Anime Sospese” – (2016) – presentato in prima nazionale al Giffoni Film Festival; documentari: “L’Irpinia e la costa d’Amalfi” (2017), “Veneto: Terra da scoprire” (2016), “Pescatori” (16 mm) – (1985), “Terre in moto” (16 mm) – (1982).
Autore SIAE dal 1998 ha realizzato le seguenti opere:
Teatro (drammaturgia): “Avanspettacolo”, “Stasera niente di Nuovo”, “Ai bagni regina Margherita”, “Francesca da Rimini”, “Piume, lustrini e satira”, “Le Tartuffe”, “Ma ve pare ve pà”, “Sciò”, “Petrolini Ettore, attore”, “Che situazione”, “Memorie dal sottosuolo”, “È successo tutto in un’ora!”, “Caffè Chantant”, “Proposta di matrimonio”; Cinema (sceneggiatura): “45… Good Wine”, “Il sapore della vita”, “Giordano Bruno… eretico”; Musica (autore parte letteraria): “Cafè Chantant”, “Chiara”.